(Paralegal Association of SA)


Membership is open to all Legal Professionals and with a focus on those working as Legal Secretaries,
Professional Legal Assistants or as Paralegals. While Membership is open to all in this field, PALSA reserves the right to request additional information should an application not meet the requirements (at face value). We understand and accept that many Paralegals have walked a long road to become accredited or recognised and will carefully take all circumstances into account.

PALSA may, if it deems necessary decline to accept a Membership application. The reason for the decision will be given to the Applying member in writing. The applying member may object to the decision within 5 (FIVE) working days of the decision. The objection must be in writing and all reasons and supporting documents to argue for the objection or to highlight mitigating circumstances must be attached to the submission.

All applications for membership must be completed as instructed, signed where required and all supporting documents submitted with the application. An application will be processed one Payment has been received.

All members are always solely and fully responsible for their membership fee payments . Should a member fail to make a payment they will be sent a notification reminding them of their due payment. If the member has a reason for the non-payment or is experiencing a difficulty, they are to communicate with PALSA Head Office Directly. Failure to remedy a non-payment will result in a cancellation of the
membership effective form the month following the non-payment reminder notice.

A membership must be cancelled in writing giving 2 (two) months’ notice and be accompanied with a
R90.00 cancellation Admin Fee.


The membership fee (as chosen by the member in their application form), along with the admin fee, shall
be the amount paid up front. Fees are due in advance and are due and payable by no later than the 7 th of
each month. Currently only Quarterly and Annual Membership fees are accepted.

Payment can be made via Zapper (Q code on webpage) or by means of arranging a stop order, a payment
instruction on their account (can be done with most banks on the internet banking facility) Direct EFT

Any member failing to make payment by the due date will be sent 1(ONE) reminder and given 21 working
days to rectify the non-payment. Should this overlap with a new month the member then is liable for 2
(two) months payment. Should there be mitigating circumstances, the member may send an email to
PALSA explaining the circumstances and requesting an extension or assistance. The decision taken will be at the discretion of PALSA based on the circumstances presented in the request.

Should a member fail to rectify their outstanding fees due, and they have failed to respond to a notification thereof within the following month, their membership will be cancelled in the month following and their names placed on the non-members list, which list will be available to PALSA members and the General Public in the following month. Should the member wish to be reinstated they will be required to make full payment of all arrears and an administration.

A member may give 2 (TWO) months’ notice to cancel their membership, which cancellation will raise an
admin cancellation fee. A member may request to re-join. Depending on the circumstances and reasons for the cancellation of their previous membership, their request will be considered after formal written application has been received by PALSA.

A Strict code of conduct and where necessary, disciplinary procedure will be applied to every PALSA
Member. A copy of the Code of Conduct will be supplied to each PALSA Member with the Membership
application form. Which Code and Procedures will require to be signed and returned with the Membership
Application form.

To be put in place by 2019