(Paralegal Association of SA)

About Us


It is with great excitement that I introduce you to the above mentioned Association. The objective of the Association is to be able to have the ability and means to be able to grow, build and develop a strong model to ensure that all Paralegals of South Africa, who join the Association, receive the best guidance, support training and advice possible.

It us our express and intended goal to be the force that brings full accreditation and recognition to Paralegals in South Africa. It is also our goal to become a powerful role player and key member of the legal world, allowing us to also be recognised and to have the means to “have a say” as well on matters of Law, Acts, legal professional conduct, court conduct to name a few.

As we grow, we will be providing regular newsletters, training sessions and material, conferences and various other services. I will also be our focus to link with some of the best training and facilitating institutions in partnership and so as to add value to each other and mostly to our Paralegals.

We will aim to provide a service and ensure that a formal and strict code of conduct and ethics will be in place and adhered to by all PALSA Members. We will have a fair and just disciplinary procedure in place as well. We will also negotiate and mediate where necessary. For employed Paralegals there will be a union formed to address and protect all your rights in the work place as a Paralegal.

Our goal is to ensure that we achieve that ALL paralegals (employed, Community, Contracted and independent)will fall under one body and receive accreditation and recognition in and through that body.

They will upon joining PALSA be placed into a category according to their work field and then rated on a scale according to their years of service and experience or both. They will also be rated on qualifications or “prior” learning. Both will be recognised according to certain criteria. The purpose of this will be to allow members of the public at all times to see this information about paralegals and to also make a choice when wanting to hire or work with a paralegal. It is also so as to encourage Paralegals to add to their experience and take additional ways to gain more experience or training in a particular field, in order to do so.

There will eventually be different membership services that you can apply for, or change between and you will receive assistance and benefits according to the membership package you have picked. Although even the smaller membership package will still offer you all the support, backing and later when we are more established, the full clout of the Association.

On signing you will receive an introduction package as well as the various “need to know” information. As we are a newly formed Association still finding our feet, we ask that you keep this in mind and understand that and that as we grow to each next step in our office, our systems our material and abilities will grow accordingly.

We hope you will join us on this new and exciting journey and on the road of bringing professionalism, recognition, rights and credibility to the very important and strong world of Paralegals in South Africa. After all, is it not the Paralegals who play a vital and pivotal to “making law work”.

They Are the glove to the hand of law.

A deep focus of the Association will also be to work at establishing community based PALSA outlets where experienced independent Paralegals (and Experienced Business Consultants) will be working in or running these Community Resource Centres. They will be able to offer their services to the community as easily accessible and affordable means. More importantly making sure they have the experience and the support to do their best in and for the community.

These centres will also future become an additional training ground, program for paralegals to gain guided and proper “on the ground” experience of real people’s daily needs and “problems”

It is also PALSA’s focus to ensure that we are instrumental in the formation of a set curriculum and accredited study program with the DOHE and with due credits and monitoring. Ensuring that there is a uniform syllabus and accredited study program.

PALSA will (and is) also working on finding ways and meeting with various role players to assist in formulating a “article or candidates” program for paralegals. Added to this is the need for a focused and targeted spotlight on the assisting in attaining employment, working contracts, clients or experience based work options.

We will be visiting your area soon to do presentations, meet and greet and answer questions and sign up members.

Please feel free to connect with me

Nanandi-Simone Albers: Founder/Director PALSA 

Paralegal Association of South Africa
(PALSA) Registration Number 1222/544

The Objective of PALSA is to unite all Paralegals, Legal Secretaries and Professional Legal Assistants. To bring full recognition and regulation to their profession. It is intended to promote and enable self-employed as well as to give Independent Paralegals the much needed platform and ability, along with the recognition and the support, to be able to work efficiently in their role. That their work be promoted, recognized and put forward as a necessary and vital part of the legal world, as well as be made a part of their communities. In fact, that their role both as independent or employed legal practitioners must be grown and acknowledged across all legal spectrums. To reflect that the paralegal, in any field, is a valuable and necessary part of the legal process and it’s functioning. 

The objective of PALSA is to ensure that the Paralegal and Legal Secretary are recognised in the judiciary, more so that they are also given their own regulation and powers under the Legal Act and in this that their role and purpose is valued and integrated into the main judiciary. 


The main aim is to become to the Paralegals and Legal Secretaries what the Law Society is to Lawyers. However, the goal is to provide a hands on and active role in the Paralegal, Legal Secretary and Professional Legal Assistant’s world, in all regards. 

This will include Grading, Training, Support, Ground-level assistance/advice and more. PALSA’s main aim is to grow, support and formalise the Paralegal and Legal Secretary’s role to a point that it becomes a unified, strongly bonded “family” across South Africa. Making law work. 

Through this Association and its strength, the ultimate goal is to be able to use the unity of the Association to partake in, and where necessary challenge, aspects of the Law-making Process in South Africa. Once strongly Established PALSA will also take on cases of community, humanitarian and rights interests with a view to creating a positive and effective change in these fields.